One way that Apex provides opportunities for faculties & students to excel is through research opportunities. Faculty is encouraged to take up research assignments for their professional development and for making Apex a Centre of Excellence in diverse areas of knowledge, technology and intellectual pursuits. Benefits of such research are eventually available to the students. An environment of enquiry, inquisition, challenge and providing support is fostered.

This environment provides students with knowledge and insight into the most recent developments in the Engineering field. Conducting research not only gives students an advantage at the time of recruitment, it also gives them a chance to tackle real-world problems and to find out what it’s like to be treated as colleagues by their Faculties, many of whom are the leading experts in their fields. A research experience extends beyond simply working in a laboratory and also includes communicating the results of that research in presentations and writings. Engaging in research deepens and broadens a student's experience and knowledge in their chosen field which helps them develop problem-solving skills that all potential employers look for in their applicants. The Students regularly present Papers in National & International Conferences.