Apex International school is one of the best-equipped schools in India with facilities that support excellence in all areas. The infrastructure has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and an all-round development of the child. The School provides the best possible education to its students. The main objective is to ensure that the youthful energies of all students are channelized towards a holistic development. It aims to develop qualities like integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion and strives to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism. Students should become a meaningful part of the environment and an asset to the Society.

Pre-Primary is a paradise itself with Little Angels moving about the place so peacefully yet aware it’s a home for Exploring, Experiencing and Experimenting. Learning is a joyful and fruitful experience for our little children.

Pre-Primary School provides a caring, stimulating environment where each child is given time and opportunity to develop their physical, intellectual and emotional skills. Our well-trained teachers deliver the curriculum in ways that foster a child’s uniqueness and individuality as they work towards common goals. Children are encouraged to become independent learners and to discover learning is fun through structured and spontaneous activities projected and taught on Interactive Digital Boards.

The Smart Start Programme specially designed for our children has been introduced to keep our young ones in time with the global world. Literacy and numeracy skills, role play and imaginative opportunities, large and fine motor skills and experiences, indoor and outdoor activities, exploring and investigating science and nature, dance, music and sensory experiences are all inculcated in the Smart Start Curriculum.

Children benefit from a well-designed, well organized and integrated indoor and outdoor environment. We are constantly upgrading our outdoor play equipment together with our indoor infrastructure.

Facilities at Pre-Primary

  • We have the large sand pit, splash pool and a large playground.
  • Classrooms are bright, colourful and are complimented by theme based wall paintings.
  • The school has also provided an Activity Room and a Resource Room with audio-visual facilities, doll house, workstation, mini Library and Toy Corner and interactive touch screen to enhance the child’s joy and interest in learning.

Primary Wing

Engaging the Learner

The pedagogy used across primary grades moves beyond lecturing/passive teaching to use engaging activities, discussions, videos, quizzes, games, and varied online creative resources. Technology is integrated into the teaching-learning process, with every classroom being an IT-enabled learning room. We are using variants of the Flipped Classroom approach in all our classes.

At this stage, students are exposed to a vibrant world of learning as they think independently and explore new concepts and accept greater challenges. We encourage students to explore transdisciplinary themes through the lines of inquiry and teach them how to express. Students at the primary level participate in a cumulative project, the Primary Exhibition. The focus is on providing an electrifying environment through the development of learner profile, attitude and skills of each child.

Middle School

At this stage, the pace of academic demand is accelerated and students are gradually prepared to forge ahead. Students gain a strong foundation and develop into holistic beings. During these years, the smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by a comprehensive, value-added education. The academic challenges become the focus as the students start preparing for the tests and formal exams. The syllabus has been designed to equip students with comprehensive and conceptual knowledge of the subjects.

Secondary and Senior Secondary School

At this stage, students become more focused on their career choices. The focus is on equipping students for higher education. In these final years of schooling, students are given an opportunity to exhibit their leadership qualities and emerge as responsible citizens of the world.

Students are helped to develop problem-solving and analytical skills and the ability to apply knowledge.

Beyond Academics

Flipped Learning

Flipped Classroom is an attempt to break away from the passive, assembly-line form of teaching that riddles our current educational system. Teachers generate content (video/ text lessons) that are handed over to the learner prior to class and encourage the students to learn at their own pace. This methodology has proved yet another step towards personalized, self-paced, and learner-driven education.

Discovery Room

 The Discovery Room provides the children with ample opportunity to learn, explore and discover beyond the confines of their regular classrooms. Equipped with a puppet theatre, role play facilities, tools to experiment and learn, books, puzzles and toys, the children look forward to their weekly visit to the Discovery Room.

Interactive workshops

 These are organized on a regular basis as they get an opportunity to interact with various authors and specialists.

Writer's Workshop

From October to December, the students participate in the Writers’ Workshop. It provides an individualized curriculum that caters to all types of learners. Adele Fiderer, Lucy McCormick Calkins and their colleagues developed this method in the USA. The Writers’ Workshop encourages children to write original and personally meaningful pieces, which are then polished and improved upon, by drafting and redrafting. Publishing one’s work, i.e. being read by others is the motivation that drives children to do their best. Students work is pinned on the School Bulletin Board and included in the School‘s Annual Magazine.

Research & Referral

The objective of Research and Referral is to develop questioning minds and creative thinkers for life. The focus is on imagination and creativity, logic and reasoning, conceptual thinking and reflection. Students brainstorm together to come up with research questions and then outline the methods of investigation. The teacher-student ratio is 1:10. The process culminates into a project report or model which is unique in its conception and creation, carrying the individual imprint of every child.

Reading Writing Club

The Reading Club is geared towards helping children develop language skills beyond the framework of an academic curriculum. It entails activities that enhance creative expression, writing skills, fluency in reading, group dynamics and library etiquettes.

Reading Programme

Reading is the bedrock of a learner’s success. Apart from its proven ability to enhance language skills, it increases knowledge and self-esteem and boosts memory. It is with this in mind that we launched a ‘Reading Programme’ for the children. The objective is to ensure that every child reads four books which are identified by the English teachers. Each student receives a copy of the designated book with the number of pages to be read, specified for each week (students, of course, can read the book at one sitting, if they so wish) such that one book can be read within 6 weeks. There is a fortnightly discussion, focused on vocabulary, plot and characterization based on the reading part covered. The closure is provided in the form of a series of fun activities.

Life Skills

Working with teenager’s year on year, we have realized that the turmoil that adolescents experience requires a focused, concerted effort. As the lines separating childhood and adulthood disappear, our youth faces a myriad of dilemmas not just in their academics but also social interactions and personal management.

Life skills is an initiative born out of this felt need. Life skills sessions are designed around self-discovery, self-improvement, and peer-to-peer support. The facilitator creates an atmosphere where the young adult may feel free, express, be heard, and seek solutions. Our life skills education happens through workshops, classroom sessions, collaborative activities, and class-wise performance-based Special Assemblies.

School Trips

Students from all the classes have the opportunity to undertake educational excursions within the city and outside the city. The places visited are such that the learning from there dovetails with classroom learning. Besides the huge learning that students carry back from the outdoor trips, they also bond closely with teachers and friends and the spirit of independence in each one of them receives a big shot in the arm.


Apex International School Organized Annual Sports & Cultural Meet – 2016 at Sports Complex on 12/24/2016

Apex International School Organized Annual Sports & Cultural Meet – 2016 at Sports Complex

Celebrating 52nd Foundation Day


Pay Fees

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Each day is full and exciting at AIS Jaipur. The morning assembly gets the students going each day with the latest information, announcements, congratulations, birthdays and a ‘teacher’s talk’. Each Class presents the assembly on rotational basis giving all students a chance to showcase their talents. During the course of the day, quite often something new and stimulating is planned, be it a talk by guest speakers, a competition or even a short excursion.

Extra-curricular/Personality Development Activities

A whole gamut of extra-curricular and personality development activities at AIS Jaipur provide every child with a ‘stage’ where they can gain the ‘confidence to outshine’. Our aim is to provide a proper environment for the all-round development of the child. There is an interesting range of activities outside lessons which help develop the overall personality of the children. All children are actively encouraged to participate in these extracurricular activities organized for them and as a result have outshone many others, in external competitions.

Club- based Activities

To nurture special talent in students, they are encouraged to join clubs like –Health and Wellness Club, Science Club, Mathematics Club, Computer Graphics Club, Aeromodelling Club, Cookery, Art & Craft, Embroidery, Western Dance, Vocal Music, Performing Arts, Literacy Club, Quiz, Theatre, Wall Journalism

Annual Day & Carnivals

Cultural Programmes, Fetes, Science Fairs, Exhibition and Fun-filled Games are organized regularly. They are creatively designed, encouraging 100% participation of children and parents. These events aren’t just a celebration, but also develop planning, organization and team effort abilities in the students. The gracious presence of distinguished personalities always inspires our students to even greater heights of achievement.

  • Sports
  • Art & Craft
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Houses


Playing outside is not just about letting off steam. It is a vital part of childhood that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. To support these broad learning outcomes the school has vast playgrounds which give the sites an opportunity to play all kinds of games. Regular coaching helps them to become perfect in the games they opt for.

 Art & Craft

 Together with academic excellence, co-curricular activities form an integral part of the school curriculum. The school endeavours to provide ample opportunities to the students to give expression to their imagination and enhance creativity.

 Music and Dance

 ‘Nothing activates as many areas of the brain as music and dance.’ Children in our school learn music and play various instruments like Guitar, Table, Drums, Casio, and Harmonium etc. They are also trained to various dance forms. We believe in making wonderful musicians and dancers.


 All the children at AIS Jaipur are assigned houses and within the houses, the senior students are expected to accept considerable responsibility. All competitions in games and co-curricular activities are held on house basis.

Admission Procedure

Nursery to Class IX

Age Criteria:

Nursery- The child should have completed 3 years of age by 1st April of the year in which the admission is being sought.

Prep- The child should have completed 4 years of age by 1st April of the year in which the admission is sought.

Class 1- The child should have completed 5 years of age by 1st April of the year in which the admission is sought.

A student who is desirous of seeking admission to the school is registered only after the duly completed registration form is submitted to the school. The school reserves the right to admit students who are found eligible for admission. However, in all matters related to admissions, the management’s decision is final & abiding.

To secure the admission of a new student, the Transfer Certificate from the previous school must be produced. Once a student is admitted to the school, only caution money shall be refundable in case the admission is withdrawn subject to serving of withdrawal notice 30 days prior to completion of the academic term.

School fees shall not be refunded in case the withdrawal notice is served during the academic term.

If the withdrawal of a pupil is on medical grounds subject to the satisfaction & acceptance by the Principal with the absence of the pupil from the school for half of the academic term or more, 25% of the fees may be refunded.

Class XI

The school offers the following streams:

  1. Science Stream
  2. Commerce Stream
  3. Humanities Stream


School Schedule

At AIS, we recognize that students learn in many different ways. In addition to the ways our faculty address this reality, our schedule does. Each day is different.

  1. The schedule makes allowances for different learning rhythms.
  2. The schedule provides variety and variety produces energy!
  3. The schedule teaches time-management skills.


The changing daily schedule reinforces preparation and planning ahead, and students are responsible for their own unscheduled time.


The school has the pride of having a team of excellent teachers who have proven their capability and dedication. They are trained professionals who have the devotion of a mother and skills of a child development expert.

Smart Class Room

We all know how helpful it is to remember something that is taught visually to us rather than the one that is read through pages after pages. AIS believes that technology is changing the way life functions and if it’s for the good, then why not go for it! Our classrooms are well equipped with Smart Classes. This visually attractive method is appealing to students as it helps the students store the information fast and more effectively. The school has 16 Smart Classes.



A well-equipped gym provides an excellent opportunity for students to tone up their body and mind through various exercises.

Staff Room

The staff of AIS, Jaipur have well-equipped staff rooms where all information pertaining to the proceedings of the day are displayed on the notice boards. The staff room is a vibrant resource centre for teachers to plan activities and share ideas collaboratively.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The Multi-Purpose Hall, as the name suggests serves many purposes. Assemblies are conducted, Inter-house competitions are held and it also boasts of a spacious indoor basketball court.

Play Ground

Apex International School, Jaipur proudly owns a huge campus with vast playgrounds which gives the DIPSITES an opportunity to play all kinds of games. Regular coaches help students to master the game they choose to play in the true spirit of sportsmanship.


The Cafeteria is the most preferred place of the school where the students tuck in delectable, mouth-watering delicacies prepared in the school kitchen. The main focus is on hygiene and nutrition. It serves snacks and meals to students at a very reasonable price. The canteen staff is polite and friendly and provides a home-like ambience.



Thoughtfully designed science labs satisfy the inquisitiveness and the quest for innovation and research. Separate labs for physics, chemistry and biology equipped with latest devices and experimental kits are provided to the students.


To integrate technology into classroom teaching and to tackle the real world problems students are given extensive knowledge of the hardware and software. Collaborative education projects are handled by the students under the able guidance of the highly competitive teaching staff.

Language Lab

An important part of learning any language is to sharpen the 4 R’s Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. The Language Lab facilitates an environment for students to enrich their vocabulary, diction, pronunciation and encourages creative thinking.


To enhance the teaching of Mathematics at the school level, the Mathematics lab promotes the “learning by discovery” approach. Students work collaboratively on projects and activities, to highlight the relevance of Mathematics in everyday life.


 The school has one library which houses 6000 books. A wide range of books aims to help students rediscover the joy of reading and learning. The library is also equipped with an electronic material- CD. This material helps students to work on multi-dimensional projects.


 The Amphitheatre of AIS Jaipur is nothing less than the Roman Coliseum. It is the heart of the school compound and is always vibrating with fresh energy as most of the school programs are held here. It has been a witness of the journey of the school from the beginning till the present.

School Transport

The school has the arrangement for transport facility within a radius of 10 Kms for the convenience of the students. The transport Fee is charged on the basis of the distance from the school to the place of boarding. Transport facilities are available on the routes decided by the management at the commencement of every academic year.

School Trips

 Students from all the classes have the opportunity to undertake educational excursions within the city and outside the city. The places visited are such that the learning from there dovetails with classroom learning. Besides the huge learning that students carry back from the outdoor trips, they also bond closely with teachers and friends and the spirit of independence in each one of them receives a big shot in the arm.

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