Campus Facilities


Safety for Students

“APEX GROUP is committed to providing a safe environment in which students, faculty, staff and visitors can learn, teach and work.”

By providing community members with educational, prevention and response services, we strive to provide a healthy and supportive environment in which all members of the academic community can pursue and accomplish their academic, professional and personal goals. All members of the campus community are encouraged to become familiar with support resources provided by the apex group through Public Safety and other offices and to assist in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone who lives, studies, works, and visits here.

Student Wellness

APEX GROUP is committed to the overall wellness of its students. Student Wellness & Health Promotion provides services to support students’ behavioral and emotional wellness, and helps students evaluate options for maintaining healthy lifestyles, through prevention, intervention, and education.

Student Wellness engages in a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating the following eight (8) dimensions of wellness: career, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual.

Apex has developed a comprehensive wellness program that focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our students. We want our students to lead balanced lives and commit to developing lifelong habits of wellness.


Meditation Services

The Wellness Centre supports the academic success, physical health and mental well being of all students by providing the highest quality services in a timely and confidential manner. Yoga and Meditation Sessions are frequently organized by Professionals so that the students can improve their leaning abilities.

Counselling Services

Counselling Services offers individual counselling, Group counselling & consultation. A special Counselling Team is there to support the students whenever they are in need of.


Health Services

It is our duty to keep our students well, for that Good Health Services are provided. Each hostel is provided with necessary first aid facilities. The Institute provides free first aid to the students in college campus during working hours. Qualified physicians are available in the close proximity of the college & hostels for consultancy.


Apex Group adopts special measures to ensure that the students are provided with healthy and hygienic food. These cafeterias also serve as meeting places for the students and provide them an opportunity to both socialize and share their academic interests and engagements.


Transport Facilities

The Apex Group runs a fleet of buses to facilitate its students and staff to commute to and from various places in & around Jaipur’s Urban & Sub Urban areas. Public transport buses also ply to the points near the campus.

In Campus Residences

Students, coming from all over India, get exposed to different religions and customs. We pamper students by providing amenities and groom them to manage their routine independently, tuning students to the real aspect of life, however letting them enjoy the comforts of reading newspapers and books, providing them nutritious vegetarian food, safe drinking water, round the clock water supply etc. thus giving them a feeling of being at home. Separate AC/Non AC hostel for boys and girls with furnished rooms are available in single/double/triple sharing. Hostel rooms are allotted on first come-first serve basis and subject to availability.



A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A well-equipped Air-conditioned gym having latest state-of-art equipment and machines has ensured availability of excellent fitness and health facilities for the students, faculty and staff members of the Apex Group. Instructors and trainers are available throughout the day to train the gym enthusiasts. There are two sections in the gymnasiums. One section is meant for general exercises while the other is meant for weight training. There are separate timings for boys and girls.

24*7 Wi-Fi

The campus has a seamless high speed Wi-Fi network which allow the students to connect to net anytime, anywhere!

Other Facilities

Laundry Services: Modern Laundry Services using automatic would class washing machines are available in Campus, by which students may get clean and hygienic washing of their clothes


Outdoor Learning

Apex Group promotes the idea of Outdoor Learning. Learning beyond classroom is as important as classroom lectures. The college staff supports & encourage the students to actively participate in Social Activities, summer camps, Internship Programs etc.

Institutions that deliberately develop opportunities for learning and instruction to take place outside of facility walls are discovering that both the natural and built environments of the campus are being used as learning spaces to promote social interactions, conversations and experiences that enhance student learning.

The Outdoor Education at Apex College helps students by fostering the development of technical and interpersonal skills, students gain confidence through increasing competence. Outdoor Learning aim ultimately to develop strong leaders who can flexibly apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of situations.

We work in partnership with schools, colleges and youth groups across the Rajasthan to promote the adventuresome spirit through safe, high quality experiential and outdoor education programs. Students of Apex visit the Rural Areas and try to help the people living there by means of Education, awareness camps and Skits.

There are various events held in Jaipur & outside Jaipur where students participate and increase their knowledge. Large Number of students participate in Marathons held in Jaipur. ‘Jaipur Literature Festival’ which is the most attractive Event of Jaipur, Various students of Apex attended the sessions and gain the knowledge. Architecture Students were taken up to visit the Stone Mart held in Jaipur.

Library @ APEX

The Learning Resource Center of APEX

The Learning Resource Center of APEX has fully equipped infrastructure with all modern facilities established in a State of the Art Building at its various campuses. It consists of more than 83000 books. More than 300 reputed national and international journals in the field of Engineering and Management. More than 150+ online journals. The library hosts an appreciable volume of CD-ROM database, audio-visual material, online video lectures & tutorials, and access to e-journals.

APEX Library also hosts the Digital Library Facility throughout the intranet network of the institute with a dedicated digital library.

The Library offers inter-library loan service to its users for the books and periodicals & other reading materials not available in the institute Library by procuring them from other libraries through DELNET (Developing Library Network).

Following services are available through the Digital Library website over institute’s intranet network:

Our Facilities
  1. Access to IEEE e-resources
  2. Access to ELSEVIER e- resources
  3. NPTEL Video Lectures
  4. CD-ROM Database
  5. Open Access Resources
  7. University papers
  8. Faculty publications
  9. DELNET resource sharing facility