Club And Committees


Dance Club

Dance club of Apex Group was formed in order to bring out the dancing talent from every Apexian.It not only focuses on entertaining people but also working on bringing out certain message that will be useful for the students. The club was established with the mission of bringing out the hidden talents among students and also provide them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest. Dance club of Apex Group provides lot of opportunities in the form of competition and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding technocrats and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.

Music Club

Apex Group believes in the development of the students as a whole, and strives to provide a climate that nurtures the holistic development of our students, an environment that is trusting and spontaneous; and encourages flexibility, celebration and recognition. This is achieved through cultural clubs like Music Club which covers a wide range of instruments along with the various forms of classical and non-classical music. Through a number of spontaneous activities and contests the Music Club has been able to maintain high levels of enthusiasm and team integration among the students.


Apex Sports Academy

We at Apex Group understand the importance of sports in developing traits like confidence, leadership and team spirit among the students. The Sports Academy at Apex Group offers Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis etc. 
The Sports Academy at Apex Group organizes several Inter and Intra School &College Competition on a regular basis.

Eco Friends Club

‘There is simply too much energy out there in our society being wasted. Since those resources used aren’t able to replenish themselves, they will soon be gone.’ 

We, at Apex Group, know our responsibilities. In order to instill awareness about environment among students Eco-Friends Club has been set up. The members of the Club, known as ‘Eco-friends’ strive to promote eco-friendly habits not only on the institute premises but also among the masses, in the whole of Jaipur. There have been supporters like the great environmentalist, social reformer and the founder of ‘Chipko movement’, PadamBhushan Sunder Lal Bahugana, who has elevated the spirits of the students with his words of appreciation for the initiatives by APEX GROUP ECO-FRIENDS CLUB.