Corporate Resource Centre

APEX GROUP helps arouse in the young heart the desire to compete with the best in the world, by nurturing their innate capabilities, helping them in gaining knowledge, training in entrepreneurship and harnessing their creativity. These qualities will help them to successfully compete globally and meet the challenges of the ever changing business and technological scenario.

APEX GROUP has a well laid-out and systematic process of synchronizing its student’s career aspirations with that of the corporate expectations. Leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where the eligible students are put through the selection process. The outcome of selection process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements of the Industry.

On-campus recruitment process for students starts as early as in their penultimate year of study program. The Placement managers use their experience to coordinate the campus recruiting processes. They allow the potential employers to review applicant’s resumes continuously. The department arranges information sessions between the students and the potential employer where students get chance to learn about the organization and ask questions relevant to various job profiles.

Career Development Process adopted at APEX GROUP

Building Skills

  • Skills develop as the students advance in their chosen fields of study. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it imparts many field specific skills. It is important to have a strong communication skills, have awareness of the current affairs in the country as well as the world.
  • To organize plant visits to various manufacturing companies to expose the students to the practical knowhow. Arrange for industrial training for students during their summer and winter vacation.
  • Providing requisite training in the area of Personality Development and Communication Skills
  • To conduct workshops and seminars on the latest subjects and topics as per requirement of the corporate world.
  • Lectures by senior corporate executives.
  • Sufficient reading material to be made available to help students to prepare for interview.

Placement Support

  • Planning and organizing On-Campus as well as Off-Campus recruitment activities.
  • Developing database of students and presenting their curriculum to various industries.
  • To hold pre-placement talks with prospective employers.
  • To maintain and create corporate relationships keeping in view the overall interest of the University.
  • Making the students understand the brand perception of the company, in terms of its reputation, prospective growth and compensation and benefits of the job offers.
  • Further prospects: whether the job will enable the students to make meaningful contribution to self-growth, company and the society.