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School of Architecture

School of Architecture has been providing world class education under multicultural environment since 2011. It aims to foster creative, innovative and intellectually vibrant learning with a global out look that would establish academic and professional excellence in architecture. Creative finds its most visible expression in various forms of art and architecture. The architecture of a country epitomizes its cultural ethos. It is the architect who is entrusted with the gigantic responsibility of planning and designing a town and its buildings meant for public utility in consonance with a number of factors like changing outlook of a society, rules and regulations passed by the government, availability of space and building materials and the financial status of the state concerned. For those willing to try their luck in such a profession which is not only lucrative but also promising to plan & design a new township or to modify outlook of the old ones. SOA is an elite institution with state of the art facilities, dedicated and experienced faculty members believing in student centric practices where teaching is no longer confined to the four walls of the classrooms. The quality of life at SOA is designed to mold the students into professionals with good human values.

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Principal/Architect/Interior Designer

|Analysis | Creativity | Leadership | Presentation | 

An avid Architect with over 19 years of experience in architectural design, planning, detailing, designing & coordinating projects including teaching experience. Deals with Analysis, Creativity, Leadership, Presentation in the field of architecture. 


The past experience in the same domain includes:
 Associated with Aayojan School of Architecture, jaipur as regular faculty.
 Also associate with khatri Associate jodhpur
 Background includes residential, commercial and interiors designing.
 Proven ability to lead teams, coordinate complex and detailed design and drive to successful completion.
 Highly valuable employee and team leader with an eye for detail, tactful & articulate and possess problem solving skills.

Area of Expertise includes

 Architectural design

 Drafting skills

 Planning regulations

 Working & Detail Drawing

 Feasibility studies

 Building regulations

 AutoCAD

 MS- office

 Google Sketch- Up


Bachelor of Architecture is 5 year program which is approved by Council of Architecture and affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University. B.Arch program at Apex Group is focused towards imparting quality education and prepare students to become employable and entrepreneurs. We have strong dedicated team of faculty members who are highly skilled to coach/guide and mentor students and to extract their potential to the fullest. We believe in giving lot of practical knowledge to our students hence we focus on lot of outdoor activities/workshops etc. which supports all theoritical aspects for better understanding of the subject.This is further supported by various activities by professional bodies in the department. Our students are highly motivated by our competant faculty members and as a results our students perform extremely well in academics as well as various competitions by various professional bodies like ARCASIA, IIA, IIID, IPA, ISLE, INTECH etc.

Our students are placed in some of the offices across country and are successfully working on large scale as well as on specialized projects as an outcome of excellent teaching pedagogy that has been followed at Apex School of Architecture.

B.Arch Course Fee – 70000/- Rs. Yearly (35000/- Rs. Per Sem)


We have Research Centre which is dedicated towards working on various types design aspects, some of them are as follows-

i.) Architecture Design 

ii.) Landscape Design

iii.) Interior Design

iv.) Architecture Restoration and Documentation

Our students are also involved in research projects along with faculty members and hence we have our presence in research society at National as well as International level. Since Architecture is interdisciplinary subject, department has approach of working intra-department for all service based expertise.


Our approach towards teaching design is based on skill development which helps the students to make it competant for employablity. It is also based on manual and software learning so that conceptual development can be done manually and thereafter students can work on most modern and latest softwares. 


Our Materian Museum is collection of various building materials which are mostly collected by students during there site visit, market survey etc. This material museum is prepared with intention to understand the application and properties of various building materials. 


Our Survey Lab is equipped with most modern equipments which are being used by students practically in the field to have hands on experience under supervision of expert faculties and assessments to educate students to have better understanding of land tarrain and how to plot in software and to read inferences out of it.


School of Architecture is very well equipped with latest computers and softwares. We believe in educating students with all the soft skills which are required by the department and extra efforts are made to teach softwares even beyond syllabus to give cutting edge to students over others. Our computers are equipped with high configuration which supports the latest versions of softwares.


Consultancy Cell of School of Architecture is very active and participates in various modes i.e. Competitions, Social Cause, Design for Masses etc. We have faculties who specialised in various fields of architecture and hence reach of our consultancy cell is very vast and diversified. We have a very strong profile of working for government as well as private projects.


For Architects “SKY IS THE LIMIT”

This profession allows you to work in government organization, private organization as well as to work as entrepreneur. This course consist of more than 20-25 subjects along with electives which makes students very confident and competent. Students of Architecture also develop skills to build their careers in various specialized fields like landscape, urban design, planning, interior design etc. Department is proud to share that most of our students are placed in some of the best offices across the country and are doing extremely well. 


School of Architecture has strong Alumni connect and we are proud of our students who are doing strongly well in their career. It feels very good to see that our students are willing to contribute back for the development of the department in all possible ways they can. This kind of association helps & develops mutual growth of department as well as alumni members