Outdoor Learning

Apex Group promotes the idea of Outdoor Learning. Learning beyond classroom is as important as classroom lectures. The college staff supports & encourage the students to actively participate in Social Activities, summer camps, Internship Programs etc.

Institutions that deliberately develop opportunities for learning and instruction to take place outside of facility walls are discovering that both the natural and built environments of the campus are being used as learning spaces to promote social interactions, conversations and experiences that enhance student learning.

The Outdoor Education at Apex College helps students by fostering the development of technical and interpersonal skills, students gain confidence through increasing competence. Outdoor Learning aim ultimately to develop strong leaders who can flexibly apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of situations.

We work in partnership with schools, colleges and youth groups across the Rajasthan to promote the adventuresome spirit through safe, high quality experiential and outdoor education programs. Students of Apex visit the Rural Areas and try to help the people living there by me ans of Education, awareness camps and Skits.

There are various events held in jaipur & outside Jaipur where students participate and increase their knowledge. Large Number of students participate in Marathons held in Jaipur. 'Jaipur Literature Festival' which is the Most attractive Event of Jaipur, Various students of Apex attended the sessions and gain the knowledge. Architecture Students were taken up to visit the Stone Mart held in Jaipur.