Apex Placement Cell follows the holistic testing procedure based on behavioral and general aspects of the students through which we initiate our process of enhancement and advancement of students to be placed globally.

From 2nd year Testing Procedure based on Basic Knowledge in vocabulary, communication, and other reading, listening skills is being followed for filtering out the students.

Following the procedure, further, from 2nd year onwards, the selected students on the basis of creative thinking and competitive skills are filtered out for APEX EXCEED Program.

Students are then trained and nurtured under APEX EXCEED Program where we put concerned efforts on Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, Verbal -Nonverbal ability, Graphic representation & communication skills etc. Students are laid into many stringent and demanding trials and tests to accomplish the desired stone.

Right from the beginning of 3rd year, we institute 3 groups


Continuous efforts after every semester are being undertaken in proving chances and possibilities for 2nd and 3rd group to be part and parcel of the ELITE Group.

Students qualifying for ELITE Group are up skilled further by industry experts so that as to make them 100% confident and placement ready in order to face corporate and compete globally.


The purpose of the placement policies is to bridge the gap between academia and industries interface effectively. The policies lead to have clarity about the selection process to be adopted by companies. The ultimate purpose is to let corporate and students match each other’s expectation level.

Industry-Academia interaction is promoted through the following methods

  • Industry training under summer internship
  • Industry Projects
  • Industrial Visits
  • Guest Lectures
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