Everything You Need To Know About CUET 2023

CUET Examination, or the Common University Examination Test, conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) is one of the most prestigious entrance examinations conducted to secure admission in reputed central, state, deemed and selected private universities of India. The examination is based on standard aptitude examination patterns coupled with specific sections dedicated to domain-specific questions.

CUET examination was introduced as a measure to counter the menace of extremely high cut-offs for securing admissions in well-reputed universities in India. It is to be noted that because the body conducting examinations were not standard, the method of awarding marks varied, questioning the objectivity of deciding standard cut-off for different boards. In consequence, candidates did not have a level playing field when it comes to admission applications. To overcome this problem, the implementation of CUET and a standard merit list as the basis of admission was well-received by students. This admission exam’s primary goal is to establish a platform that offers fair chances to all students in India, regardless of their gender, religion, or marks on their class 12 board exam.

The exam will test a candidate’s command over language, subject of choice, knowledge of general affairs and natural aptitude through logical and analytical reasoning through multiple choice questions (MCQs). The exam will be administered through a computer-based test mode in designated centres in two slots. The application form for the exams shall be released tentatively in the first week of April, 2023.

Candidates can refer to the official bulletins published on the CUET Website that can be accessed here. the candidates can choose from English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Odia, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu and Assamese as the official medium of taking the examination. According to the latest bulletin, tentative dates for the conduct of the examination are scheduled to be conducted in the second week of June.

The application fee breakup for taking the examination are as follows:

Category Amount
General/ Unreserved Rs. 650
EWS, OBC-NCL Rs. 600
SC/ST/PWD Rs. 550


The eligibility criteria for application is mandatory qualification of Class 12th, however, appearing candidates can also apply subject to the production of a mark sheet/ degree demonstrating fulfilment of the eligibility criteria at the time of counselling. The candidates must also be Indian Citizens to secure admission through CUET. For both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, there is no age limit for the candidates. However, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, eligibility criteria might slightly differ based on university specific admission requirements.

The exam will be administered in two sessions, each lasting three hours and twenty-five minutes. The time allotted for each session will vary depending on the subject and part chosen. A minimum of one or more exams must be attempted by each candidate in each slot.

The exam will be divided into three sections each, the first section will be further divided into two subsections consisting of two papers based on languages chosen by the candidates. The candidates will be given a choice to choose from 13 languages in the first section and 19 languages in the second section. Further, the second part of the paper will consist of questions from subjects chosen by the candidates. A candidate has to mandatorily choose 6 subjects out of a choice of 27 offered by the NTA. The final section will consist questions of general knowledge, numerical ability, logical and analytical reasoning etc. and will test the general aptitude of the candidate.

As for the marking scheme, 5 marks will be awarded for each correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer selected. There will be a total of 225 questions given to the candidate out of which 180 questions need to be attempted.

The admit card will be released on the online mode for UG courses that will be tentatively made available in the first week of June. The candidates will need to download the hall ticket and follow the instructions made available to attempt the examination in the designated centres.

The answer key will be made available in the third week of June, tentatively. After the examination, the candidates will also have a chance to challenge specific questions and raise objections against a provided answer in a limited time period.



Collaboration with The Designer’s Class – Apex University

Collaboration with The Designer’s Class – Apex University

Apex University, Jaipur in association with “The Designer’s” Class brings you a Fashion & Interior Design Course by the renowned personalities, Rhea Kapoor & Gauri Khan, who teaches you to create innovative Fashion & Interior Design Spaces.

Apex School of Fashion & Design, Apex University, Jaipur signed an MoU with India’s first digital education platform “The Designer Class” which offers online design courses led by prominent brand names and world-class designers of fashion & design industries.

The students of the School of Design at Apex University will be benefitted by learning directly from the industry experts like Gauri khan, Abu Jani, Masaba Gupta, Kunal Rawal, Sandeep Khosla, Rhea and many more. These celebrity experts’ curated courses, being made available by The Designer’s Class, provide premium quality education in different verticals of design like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, etc.

Collaboration with The Designer’s Class – Apex University

The best part of pursuing this course is that the Students will get certificates duly signed by the Celebrity Experts on completion of each course, and thus by the time the student gets the Design Degree, they will have bagged several valuable certificates from renowned industry experts. In addition to this, the students will have the opportunity for internship training with the concerned celebrity expert on completion of each course. Students will also get a chance to learn contemporary skills through exclusive live online sessions/interactions by celebrities during the tenure of the program. As design-based professions are rapidly growing spaces and design knowledge is required across a multitude of industries, students who will undergo these professionally curated courses by the best-in-class celebrity experts are going to be in high demand and will have an exciting future.

How will our students learn?

Celebrity Designer’s Lectures

Learn from the finest professionals in the design industry,

Audio Visual Presentations

Build a firm conceptual understanding of design and management practices.

Video Demonstrations

Get to learn the technicalities and practical skills required to bring your ideas to life.


Develop a strong foundation with guided task-based exercises and resource references.

Multiple Choice Questions

A.I.- Based assessments measure the learner’s strengths and weaknesses.

What will students earn?

Certificates signed by the designers

Internship with the designers

Brand placements opportunities


Gain comprehensive practical knowledge in the design industry

Add value to your skill set and resume.

Develop an understanding of fashion concepts

Familiarise yourself with the semiotics of fashion styling, fashion terminologies, and trends.

Acquire skills and principles of fashion

Insights on the world process, documentation, and ethics of fashion

Become a fashion entrepreneur

Make a mark in the fashion

A better understanding of all aspects of fashion.

Collaboration with The Designer’s Class – Apex University

Apex University Organized Dandiya Night 2022

Apex University organized Dandiya Night 2022

Apex University organized the most vibed festive cultural celebration (Dandiya night) 2022.

On 26th September 2022 at Apex VT Road Campus, Jaipur.
A night to experience the energy of Navratri and blessings of MAA DURGA
A day to live out loud and make it a memory of your lifetime by dancing on the beats that energizes your mind and soul.
Some Glimpses of Dandiya Night Nelebration.

Thank you CUET Aspirants for your continuous trust on Apex University

Only Private University in Rajasthan that received over one lakh applications.

Apex University is the only private university in Rajasthan that has received more than lakhs of applications amounting to a stunning 309422 out of the total number of students who appeared in the Common University Entrance Test Undergraduate (CUET UG) 2022 conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). A whopping number of more than three lakh students have opted for Apex University in Rajasthan and got themselves registered. In terms of all India ranking, Apex University is ranked 13th in the CUET UG exam conducted for the first time at the All-India Level for undergraduate level admissions in Central Universities and other Universities.

Apex University became the first choice of students in Rajasthan

On the basis of merit from the declared exam results, admissions to Apex University will be given in the job-oriented courses of Engineering, Management, Computer Science, LL.B, Agriculture, Journalism and Mass Communication, Physiotherapy in the Medical field, Naturopathy and Yoga Science and Paramedical, besides Humanities, Commerce and Science courses.

Dr. Ravi Juniwal, Chancellor of Apex University, while thanking the students who reposed faith in such a large number, said that the main goal of Apex University is to provide quality education and good facilities at affordable fees through highly qualified and experienced faculty.

He said that by setting high-quality standards in the academic and professional curriculum in education for over five decades, Sanjay Shiksha Samiti established Apex University in the year 2018 to usher in a new era of education.

The University aims at holistic development of the learners by providing them high quality and contemporary education, where the emphasis is laid on high-level sports, cultural programs, group discussions, academic excursions, and research work along with studies.

Apex University has also done foreign tie-ups for world-class proficiency in specific courses so that students can shape their dream careers.

Thank you CUET Aspirants for your continuous trust on Apex University

APEX is the first university in Rajasthan to sign MoU with LinkedIn, a platform for promoting professional skills. All students studying at APEX will get opportunities that can open career paths in their dream companies with LinkedIn Learning.

Thank you CUET Aspirants for your continuous trust on Apex University

Apex University Jaipur amongst the top 20 most preferred universities in the county as per CUET (Common University Entrance Test) applications. – Source: Indian Express

Why Universities Are Focusing More on Entrepreneurship?

From having an idea, till its execution, entrepreneurship is an arduous process and well, the spelling isn’t a piece of cake either. Finding out a problem in the environment, finding a proper and innovative solution to it and converting that solution into a successful business venture is what entrepreneurship’s all about. It is a skill which could be developed and that is where educational institutions play their role. From theoretical to practical knowledge, Schools and universities make the students ready for any unmapped roads.

But let us find out why universities have increased their focus on entrepreneurship –

Dynamic Environment –

The world is changing at an alarming rate and so is the economy and technology. What could be a better skill than the skill to adapt to changes and survive the changes right? That is exactly what the universities are preparing the students for. Entrepreneurship is a course that supplies real-world knowledge and experience to the students which makes them immune to all the problems that might hit them in the coming future.

Development of Soft skills –

The learning process of entrepreneurship is carved in such a way that it teaches the students several skills like leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and many more which grooms their personality and teaches them how they should present themselves in the corporate world. In the future, this will help the students in keeping healthy corporate relationships.

Building a Business Mindset –
To do something great, one should have the vision for it for a long time and that’s what entrepreneurship courses do. From an early age, if a student is taught about entrepreneurship, it creates a vision for it in his mind and makes him eager to start his own business and that increases the success rate of the business as it is well planned. We see a lot of
start-ups failing every day. The only reason is lack of entrepreneurial skills. But the students who already have those skills don’t face any such problem and soldier through it.

Vast Future Scope –

Not only business but the jobs for these students are in abundance. Since entrepreneurship teaches a student every aspect of business dynamics, it opens an ocean of good jobs in front of the students in various sectors like human resource management, administration, supply chain management, and many more. A Good package is also offered to the students by the companies and sometimes students might get some international exposure from some multi-National companies which offer
even better packages altogether.

In order to make students more interested in entrepreneurship and to drive them towards entrepreneurship, the universities have various methods apart from the well-designed curriculum. Most of them have
Idea Incubators and Entrepreneurship cells which help students to convert their ideas into successful business ventures. These Incubators supply all the necessary help to the students ranging from funding to decision management.

Universities also organize entrepreneurship fairs and events in which they invite innovative ideas from the students, brainstorm some ideas and sometimes launch some ventures in these fairs. It is safe to say that universities sow the seeds in the minds of the students and those seeds gradually turn into a giant tree of ideas and

Choosing Artificial Intelligence as an Undergraduate Course

Artificial Intelligence or AI as we know it, is gradually becoming a crucial part of any industry ranging from health care to defense to retail etc. And everyone is getting increasingly familiar with it, which makes it an excellent career choice. There are several reasons to study Artificial Intelligence, let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Vast Future Scope –

Becoming a key part of any industry, Artificial Intelligence is about to become one of the biggest industries in the coming future. It is believed that Artificial Intelligence could replace humans in the future but, it will rather create more employment in the market in every sector.

2. A Requirement of the Future –

As Discussed in the previous point, Artificial Intelligence is expected to create a plethora of employment opportunities in the future but the jobs that will be created will require a working knowledge of Artificial
Intelligence. The standards of those jobs will be set high, and the knowledge of AI will be the basic requirement. Taking this into account, choosing Artificial Intelligence as an Undergraduate Course seems
to be an excellent choice, given its demand in the future.

3. Great Paygrade –

The demand for Artificial Intelligence Engineers to remarkably high these days and it is increasing rapidly. Therefore, companies tend to offer handsome salaries to these engineers. The average entry-level salary offered to a graduate is 8 lakhs per annum which goes up to 50 lakhs per annum as the person gains experience.

4. Brand New Curriculum –

Unlike many other courses which still use the same old and conventional curriculum, Artificial Intelligence has a newly designed curriculum which is updated every time a new discovery is made in the field of artificial intelligence to tutor the student every bit of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The curriculum consists of both theoretical and practical aspects which are crucial for a student to get the most out of it.

5. Allows you to work Internationally.

Many giant Multi-National Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc. Hire professionals from all over the world to support their Artificial intelligence system like Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant etc. Companies that work on such a big scale also offer great packages and employee services. Infact, many people dream of working in such companies, handling such great AIs.

6. Incredibly useful to start your own business in the field of AI –

Considering the coverage of Artificial Intelligence in the industry, it can be a great field to start a new business in. Startups have an incredible future scope in this field. There are already some companies in the market which supply Artificial Intelligence services in healthcare, customer relations etc. The revenues generated by these companies are also through the skies. In conclusion, based on the points discussed above and the other benefits of studying Artificial Intelligence, it is safe to say that choosing Artificial Intelligence as an Undergraduate Course
could be proven as an exceptional choice given the future benefits offered by it, Undergraduate course in the field will create a great base for future studies, offering great packages even just after graduation.

Why Is The BJMC Course Gaining Popularity?

BJMC – Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication is an undergraduate degree which is opted by students to step into the world of media and communication. This course acts as the gateway and imparts knowledge and skills about journalism and mass communication specifically. As the media and communication industry is flourishing, along with it, so is the demand for BJMC degree as many students are preferring this as a career choice. Though the duration of this course is 3 years, it is considered as the best course in the field.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for the growing popularity of BJMC course –

  1. Highly Affordable course –

Unlike many other courses in the creative field, for example, fashion designing, BJMC is quite an affordable course which makes it accessible to mostly everyone. With an average fee of Rs. 50,000 per year, it is highly ranked among the most affordable courses for a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Amazing Salary Packages –

Another plausible reason for the popularity of BJMC course is the salary packages offered to the students. The salary range of the jobs offered to a bachelor’s student is from 1 lakh to 3.5 lakhs per month and the job positions for this salary range are News analyst, Journalist, Radio Jockey, Photojournalist, Media Consultant, Content Marketing Manager, etc.

  1. Best Education in the field –

There are several colleges and universities that provide quality education in this field. Institutions like Delhi University, Apex University, IPU are some of the best colleges for this course with amazing faculty and amazing curriculum. These colleges are easy to get into and provide amazing placement opportunities in some of the highly reputed companies in the industry.

  1. Opportunity to work with big Media Houses –

With some good placement opportunities and job offers, students get to work with some gigantic media houses of the industry which allows them to work with industry experts. This proves to be a great learning opportunity for them and adds up to their experience.

  1. Amazing Exposure –

This is a field that involves a lot of travelling. Travelling to different cities in the country and sometimes outside of the country gives the students great exposure and sometimes they might even get a job in some Multi-National Companies that provides great packages and experience altogether. This career path is considered ideal for someone who loves to travel and explore the world.

  1. Develops a lot of soft skills –

Being a field that demands constant interactions with people, content creation, public speaking, etc. BJMC develops skills like communication skills, public speaking skills, language skills, which further enhances the personality of the students and helps them throughout their career.

  1. Scope for further studies –

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication opens an ocean of choices for further studies. Students may opt for any specialization and either pursue Masters in the field or a Diploma. Options like Master of Arts in Media Studies and Production, Master of Arts in Advertising & Marketing Management, Master of Arts in Advertising & Public Relations, Master of Arts in Advertising and Design, Master of Arts in Broadcast Journalism, Master of Arts in Communication, Master of Arts in Communication, Culture & Media, Master of Arts in Convergent Journalism, Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Media, Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Post Graduate Diploma Course in Editing, Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (TV & Radio), etc. However, there could be an alteration in the criteria according to their year.

Summing up everything, it is safe to say that BJMC is one of the best bachelor’s degrees out there for someone who owns the skills and interests demanded by the industry. Taking the cost of the course and the salary packages offered into account, it’s an amazing choice.

Why BCA Course is Gaining Popularity?

Let’s look at it this way, as a plant grows, it requires more water right? Well, the world of IT is the plant and BCA acts as water. There is no denial that the IT industry has grown multiple times in past few years. So much that it needs a strong and sound base to function properly. Although, Artificial Intelligence is spreading its roots within the industry, it still require an enormous amount of human brain to function more efficiently. This is where BCA comes it. It provides the foundation which is very crucial for a person, stepping into to IT world.


Bachelor’s in Computer Applications is a 3 years full-time degree that provides the students the basic knowledge and skills required for the IT Industry. As the industry started flourishing in the last few years, so did the demand for BCA courses. Let’s see why.


  1. Amazing Future Scope –

Today, we can se an ocean of new start-ups flooding the market. All of them require IT support in one way or the other right? That requires IT professionals who are all initially trained with BCA courses. And now only start-ups but basically any institution, whether government owned or private require IT professionals. Even Indian Navy is dependent on IT. You can get a job in any sector ranging from healthcare to defence to real-estate  and even Astronomy.


  1. Great Curriculum Design –

The course builds an amazing foundation for a students which allows them to choose any specific field in the future. Unlike many such bachelor’s degrees, the curriculum design of the BCA courses are more industry oriented and are more closely related to the real world practices. Such sound and defined syllabus makes the students ready for any situation in the field and also makes them capable to cater every need and demand of the market.


  1. Affordable Course –

There is myth that has been running in India for quite some time now. According to it, a parent must give up most of his fortune in order to pass his child through college, if one fails to do so, the child might not get a good job or a job at all. Well, BCA Course has single handedly proven this wrong. The course is quite affordable which makes it accessible to mostly everyone. Also, the salaries offer to good IT professionals are so good that the investment made on the studies can be paid off in no time.


  1. Great for International Exposure –

Companies like Wipro and Infosys are giant Multi National Companies which offer international packages to the employees at very attractive salaries. And even International Companies hire talent from abroad.


  1. Further Studies –

A wide range of higher study options are availability for BCA degree holders. Even, they can pursue their further studies in the field of management as well for example MBA. This gives them best of both worlds and might driver some amazing jobs their way leading to a lavish and fun life. The internship opportunities in this field are also great which are usually followed by a job offer.


Summing up, if you possess an interest in the field, you should definitely pursue this course and get your dream job and make your future secure.

CUET Preparation 2022: 23 Clever Tips to prepare better in Exam

We all dread exams and the pressure that comes with them, especially when the outcome could mean your future career plans.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that preparation is key to achieving success on any exam—no matter how difficult it seems. So, how can you ensure you are well prepared before you even sit down to take the exam? Here are some clever tips to help you study smarter and better for your next exam.

  1. Start by Checking the syllabus

Before you set out on your preparation, it is important that you have a look at your syllabus and find out what exactly needs to be covered in order to prepare well. As announced by NTA this year, CUCET exam will broadly cover the 3 sections, these are-

  • Section IA – 13 Languages
  • Section IB – 19 Languages
  • Section II – 27 Domain-specific Subjects
  • Section III – General Test
  1. Understand the Exam Pattern

Next essential thing is to understand the exam pattern, such as the total no. of questions, time frame, negative marking etc. will help you prepare the strategy for the exam.

The CUCET Exam is conducted by The National Testing Agency (NTA). It is an online exam, which will have 180 questions. Each question will have four options with one correct answer. Every question has three marks and there will be a negative marking of 0.25.

  1. Prepare a Timetable

Having a timetable is critical for an organized student. Set aside time in your timetable for every subject. Focus on one subject at a time and give yourself a set amount of time to complete your study, such as 2-3 hours per subject.

  1. Prepare Handwritten Notes

Making your own study notes is an excellent way to prepare for exams. By taking your own notes while studying and reviewing them later on, you can build up a much more comprehensive framework. Your hand-written notes will also give you room to include comments, extra examples and other helpful information during the revision phase.

  1. Take mock test

Preparation is key, especially when it comes to tests like CUET. That’s why it’s important that you take as many mock tests as possible before your final exam. These will not only help you assess where you stand at present but also give you some idea of what kind of questions are coming in your exams.

  1. Set targets – weekly, monthly

Setting targets and evaluating your progress can help you stay motivated. Try setting weekly or monthly targets, such as a certain number of hours spent preparing for exams. Keeping track of how many questions you answered correctly will also help keep you prepared well for the exam.

  1. Practice Previous year Question Papers

Previous year question papers help you to get familiar with exam pattern, difficulty level and type of questions asked in examinations. It is an excellent way of knowing your preparation level and getting a sense of how much time you need to finish exams. Practice previous year’s question papers a day before the examination.

  1. Prepare a list of Books

Make a list of books and other material that will be useful for studying for CUET. At least refer to 2-3 books for the CUET preparation. You can also refer to 11th and 12th NCERT books to prepare well.

  1. Concept Clarity

Always try to avoid Mugging up answers while preparing for the CUET exam because in the end your clarity towards the concept will help you to clear domain specific and language exams.

  1. Focus More on Difficult Subjects

It is always tempting to prepare easy subjects and leave difficult ones till later. However, it is advisable that you focus more on those that you find hard and as a result spend a little less time on your favorite subjects.

  1. Do not Forget to Exercise

People who exercise regularly tend to do better in their classes and perform better on exams. Exercise helps you improve your focus and concentration, which are essential skills for passing any test. Plus, exercising boosts memory by increasing blood flow to key areas of your brain.

  1. Eat healthy & take proper rest

Eat healthy and make sure you’re getting enough rest. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many students don’t get enough sleep before an exam. And it makes sense—under-slept and overworked students will feel lethargic, stressed out, or distracted during exams.

  1. Make Vocabulary List

By making a vocabulary list students will be able to learn synonyms, antonyms and understand the meaning of difficult words. Review the list at least once daily so that your vocabulary will become good and you will ace the language tests easily.

  1. Revision

Revision is the key to ace any exam. With the vast syllabus of CUET it is important to revise the syllabus at least twice or thrice before the exam. This will clear your concepts

  1. Prepare for Passage

In order to get good grades in your CUET exams, you must prepare the passage intelligently. It will save time to solve the comprehension easily in the exam. In order to excel in this section, students should read the books, solve passages, and highlight important lines which will boost their vocabulary as well.

  1. Read Newspapers

To prepare for CUET Students must read newspapers. This will help them understand different types of writing styles and learn new words that are daily used in our day-to-day life. Also, they should try solving previous year question papers by using these newspaper articles. In addition, questions on current affairs and Indian history will be asked from newspapers in these exams.

  1. Stay Calm

One of the best ways to avoid stress is by staying calm. There’s always going to be tension before the CUET exam, but try your best not to freak out. Work on taking deep breaths, take a few minutes outside and just relax in your bed—whatever it takes!

  1. It’s Never too late to start

It is common for students to think it’s late to prepare for an exam. However, if you have the right tools, guidance and material you can ace the exam easily.  Joining an institute or attending Online lectures will help you prepare for the exam in this situation.

  1. Double Check the Answers

Always double check your answer before submitting. Keep this in your habit from the time of practicing. So, while attempting mock tests and previous year questions it’s important to double check the answers.

  1. Skip Difficult Questions for the End

Don’t let difficult questions trip you up. Always remember you have limited time and have to complete the exam within the fixed time frame. Thus, it is not a wise decision to spend too much time on difficult questions, skip them and focus on an easier one first!

  1. Set Time Limit to Solve Each Question

The best tip to clear the CUET 2022 exam is to divide the entire time and set a particular time frame for each question. This will help you keep a close watch on timing, speed and other factors that will help you clear the exam.

  1. Do not Forget Grammar Rules

Even if students think they know a lot of languages, it isn’t always enough to pass the reading and writing section of the CUET exam. According to the CUET, the reading and writing section uses a standardized approach to grammar, so learning the rules is beneficial.

  1. Stay Positive

Lastly, stay positive and learn to recognize and change negative thought patterns, which will help you become more confident, successful, and happy. It’s time to clear your head and your exam – with the power of positivity!