CUET Preparation 2022: FAQ

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is the national level entrance exam that will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in association with all the Central Universities in India in order to facilitate admissions into UG Courses in India.

Considering that it is a new exam in itself, students are curious about everything related to the exam, and now the exam is around the corner, hundreds of questions are running through students’ minds..

In order to help you succeed in CUET 2022, we have answered the most commonly asked questions below.

What is CUET UG exam?

CUET stands for Common University Entrance Test. Students will be able to apply for admission to any Central University (CU) across the country through CUET (UG) 2022. As a result of CUET (UG) 2022, candidates across the country will be able to apply from a common platform and be provided with equal opportunities.

 Who can give the CUET exam?

Candidates who have completed their 12th grade can apply to join undergraduate programs through the College Undergraduate Entrance Test (CUET). In addition, candidates who have already completed their graduation can apply for Post-Graduate programs through CUET.

Which universities are under CUET?

CUET UG 2022 will be conducted to apply to 44 central universities and 36 other universities for admission to various undergraduate levels of study. Some of the universities under CUET is-

  • University of Delhi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • University of Hyderabad
  • Aligarh Muslim University

You can check the entire list of participating universities on official website

 How many questions are there in CUET?


Sections Subjects No. of Questions to be attempted Total Marks
Section IA 13 Languages 40 out of 50 200
Section IB 19 Languages
Section II 27 Domain-specific Subjects 40 out of 50 200
Section III General Test 60 out of 75 300

One mark will be awarded to each correct answer. For each incorrect answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.

How many seats are there in CUET?

CUET contains 54 central universities as of now. Combined, the 54 Central Universities offer approximately 1.7 lacs seats in undergraduate programs across their diverse disciplines.

Can I give CUET after the 12th?

Yes, after completing the 12th grade, a candidate can submit the application for Undergraduate admission through CUET.

Is CUET MCQ based?

Yes, All the questions will be based on the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Is CUET Computer based?

Yes, CUET’s entrance exam will be administered online via Computer Based Testing (CBT). Depending on the options the candidate has chosen, the exam will last 3 Hours 15 minutes or 3 Hours 45 minutes.

What is the total duration of the CUET exam 2022?

Total duration of the CUET exam is 195 minutes. Throughout each language session, 45 minutes will be allocated for each, and 45 minutes will be reserved for the domain-specific. For the third section, i.e. General Aptitude, you will have 60 minutes.

What is the Syllabus for CUET 2022?

There are two sections of the CUET UG syllabus for 2022: Section IA & IB: Language will be tested through Reading Comprehension, which will test the ability of the student to comprehend texts – factual, literary, and narrative [Literary Aptitude & Vocabulary] as stated on the NTA website.

In section 3, the candidate must demonstrate general knowledge, current affairs, general mental ability, numerical ability, quantitative reasoning (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics have been taught up to grade eighth), logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning skills.

The CUET exam will be conducted in how many languages?

CUET will be administered in 13 languages, including Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi, and Odia.

Can I change my answer during the exam?

Yes, you change even answer options, any-time before submitting the exam. Also, candidates will have the option to go back & forth between the questions by following instructions available on the User Interface.

What extra time will be allowed to PwD students in CUET 2022?

A PwD candidate who is eligible for extra time will have 15 minutes added to the 45-minute test and an additional 20 minutes added to the one-hour test. This will be applied separately to each test.


WELCOME 2022!!!

Ohh!! It’s time for new year celebrations. New year is just round the corner and so is our new year party planning. Last two years have taught us one important thing: life doesn’t go according to one’s plans. It’s very unpredictable. To make sense, we all have received a reality check on what we have done and what we want to do. So it’s time that we  gear up and make new year resolutions.

It took us some time to set goals for students as well as for us. But yay!! We succeeded in setting up slight unique and different goals for our students. Our resolutions are a combination of learning from the past and preparation for the future. 

Here are some fantastic goals for 2022.


 Guys! It’s time to learn something new. As time passed , we all got busy with planning our future, setting up targets and doing the same old everyday work. This led us to somewhere bury our urge of learning new skills. So let’s dig up our passion, brush and work towards achieving them. Learning will not only make one understand it better but some may also make a step forward to one’s dream job. And who knows that simple learning may also lead to a successful career.  


“I want to do this because my parents said so” , “I want to make my career in that field because my friends are making theirs”. Many times we hear these dialogues. But why? Because most of the students just follow the path that others have done or are doing so. But we need to ask ourselves, are we happy doing it? Are we following the right career path? A student needs to analyze themselves.  Brainstorming, discussing with mentors, hearing the experiences of teachers, parents, idols are the best ways to save the sinking boat. With so many swimmers, surely the student won’t drown, and will learn to swim. But the efforts have to be put in by the student himself.


Health is wealth, a statement which has lost its core meaning. But during the pandemic, we couldn’t turn a  blind eye towards our health. So it’s high time we seriously  follow the tagline. Screen the eating habits, play a sport, practice yoga and meditation. Basically take steps which help you get one step ahead to get good health. And take a note, good health is directly connected with good mental health.


Savings is a very important habit that should be grabbed by everyone irrespective of how big is their pocket. Savings are preparing for the future. Budgeting your expenses can help you save more and spend less. It will also make you understand the difference between necessity and luxury. Saving a penny from the pocket money can make a huge difference later. Quite a challenge but what life without challenges. Let’s make it simple. Target yourself on the start date and work towards achieving it till the end date. Surely the target achieved will be your savings. 


Society we live in also needs to be taken care of. We can’t make a perfect society overnight but even a small gesture can give immense pleasure and satisfaction. Like participating in blood donation camps, planting trees in the neighborhood. Explain the importance and duty towards our society and environment. Make a promise to give a small, little part of our lives to the surrounding around us.


College activities are the most fun part of college life. It helps a student explore so many new ideas. Many great game changers have emerged from these talent exploring fests. Talent hunters wait for these yearly fests to get their talents. Whether it’s TECHNOAAGAZ or SPHOOTI, students should always participate and give themselves a chance. Look for such activities that interest you and give your best shot. And then the sky’s the limit. 


Being alone in a new university can be daunting if you don’t know anyone. Meeting new people or expanding your friendship group can be done through various sources. Join a cultural club which interests you in the university. Friends made in college hostels most times turn out to be friends for life. Canteens are the best place to make friends, make use of break time. Say hi to your classmates, never know you may find your best friend sitting just besides you. These efforts will surely give you some good friends and best memories, which you’ll thank later.

These are the top 8 resolutions that APEX university will focus on in 2022. They are great ways to improve yourself and your study. They will surely make your 2022 a little better than the previous year. Many more resolutions can be added here. Let us know which resolution you want to add up to the list. HAPPY 2022.  

Celebrating Makar Sankranti – The Festival of Kites


“ Til Gud ghya anni goad goad bola”, “ kai po che”. Surely the hint is obvious now. Yes! The 1st festival of the year. Makar Sankranti or Sankrat or uttrayan are the very popular names of our very own festival of Kite Flying. It’s celebrated on 14th JAN.

Sankranti is not only famous for its kite flying but also for lip-smacking til ladoos. Winters, sun and til laddos, what a deadly combination. Well! On a serious note, why is this festival of makar Sankranti celebrated?

Indian cultures have a lot of deep meaning attached to every detail celebrated during festivals. So is with this. Makar sankranti is believed to seal the incoming of spring in our country. According to the Hindu calendar, Makar sankranti is a festival celebrated at Magh 1st of Hindu solar calendar for the happiness of getting new crops for farmers. It also incarnates the end of winter comforts which makes the last day longer than night.

Now the question arises why do we traditionally fly kites and eat til laddos? So, let’s look at the 1st point.

1.Kite flying

The tradition of kite flying helps us to expose ourselves to the early morning sun. Early morning rays are very beneficial to us as they are filled with ample VITAMIN D and COVID 19 has taught us the need and importance of VITAMIN D. Vitamin D helps us in fighting with infections and building our immune system.

2. Eating til laddoos

The sesame laddoos are made up of jaggery and sesame. It derived from the Maharashtrian culture of exchanging these laddoos and saying “tilgud ghya ani goad goad bola” which means eat sweet and speak sweet. The exchange signifies bonding and forgetting the sour past and making a sweet future start. Apart from making the relations better, it also makes our health better. It’s scientifically proven that sesame helps to keep our body warm and fulfills the amount of oil required to keep the moisture intact.


Time changed along with the way of celebration. Many parts of India stopped experiencing winters due to global warming. The exchange of laddoos has reduced due to busy lifestyles and fading bonding in relations. In late years, kite flying has proven deadly for birds. The string attached called Manjha is so sharp that it hampers their flying, injuring their wings and even their body. Not only birds, but the danger also surrounds us, humans, as well because manjha comes in our way during walking or riding a bike.


Change of mind doesn’t happen in a day. It takes days, months, even years to change. The first step taken towards change is difficult and the rest becomes history. That’s why Apex students are helping mango man take the first step towards the change. At Apex students prefer not to fly kites but to feel the sun with open hands. Our socially responsible students have formed groups to educate the ‘aam aadmi’ about the dangers involved during kite flying. Not only about explaining the dangers, but the students have also made many realize the reality of our relationships and how a small sweet exchange can make a huge difference. Hard work always

pays off and our students have achieved their success. Through their campaigns, acts and socially active awareness drives, they have made a small but definite difference in our society.

To conclude, we all love celebrating festivals and we should celebrate them but not at the cost of hurting someone. So this Makar Sankranti, lets all of us feel the sun with open hands, exchange laddoos and say “tilgud ghya goad goad bola”.

National Level Inter College Fest @ Apex University

1._ About Event:


Sphoorti is an annual sports fest aims to create and develop a sporting culture across the colleges. It is a very passion for sport that drives every one at Sphoorti to make the dream of a professionally run sporting league at university level. Be also aim to give our team of budding sports managers vital exposure to the world of management where they can learn to constantly give up gratifying product to every stakeholder that is involved in this event.


1Cricket3000/- (male)
2100/- (Female)
3Basketball1500/-Make an screenshot
of Payment made by candidates
(Do Whatsapp 9672294542)
4Badminton800/- (Team)
200/- (Singles)
400/- (Doubles)
7Table Tennis200/- (Singles)
400/- (Doubles)
400/- (Mix Doubles)


S.No.ActivitiesTimeEvent Venue
1Opening Ceremony9:30 AM Onwards
2Cricket9:30 AM Onwards
3Football9:30 AM Onwards
4Basketball9:30 AM OnwardsApex Institute of Engineering and Technology
ISI-5, RIICO Institutional Area,
Apex Cir, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302022
5Badminton9:30 AM Onwards
6Volleyball9:30 AM Onwards
7Kabaddi9:30 AM Onwards
8Chess9:30 AM Onwards



S.No.ActivitiesTimeEvent Venue
1Cricket(SF)9:30 AM Onwards
2Football(SF)9:30 AM Onwards
3Basketball(SF)9:30 AM Onwards
4Badminton(SF)9:30 AM OnwardsApex Institute of Engineering and Technology
ISI-5, RIICO Institutional Area,
Apex Cir, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302022
5Volleyball(SF)9:30 AM Onwards
6Kabaddi(SF)9:30 AM Onwards
7Rubik’s Cube9:30 AM Onwards
8Carom(SF)9:30 AM Onwards
9Arm Wrestling9:30 AM Onwards
10Table Tennis9:30 AM Onwards
11Tug of War9:30 AM Onwards



S.No.ActivitiesTimeEvent Venue
1Cricket(Finals)9:30 AM Onwards
2Football(Finals)9:30 AM Onwards
3Basketball(Finals)9:30 AM Onwards
4Badminton(Finals)9:30 AM OnwardsApex Institute of Engineering and Technology
ISI-5, RIICO Institutional Area,
Apex Cir, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302022
5Volleyball(Finals)9:30 AM Onwards
6Kabaddi(Finals)9:30 AM Onwards


Technoaagaz is an exceptional confluence of exquisite cultural displays with technological innovations reverberating in an aura filled with excitement, amusement, and splendor. It aspires to provide significant and stimulating atmosphere for the students to receive integrated knowledge, artistry and encourage to bring out the best in students. This year at Technoaagaz-22 it is all about uniting the power of ideas with the spark of intention. We bring a platform where in the youth come together to explore new paradigm in creativity; which is the bedrock of all growth. Technoaagaz each year brings a fresh vibe among everyone & enthusiasm is next level. The rising slope of participation graph makes us to expect more & the most promising one.


1Lan Gaming100/-
2Talent Hunt100/-
3SKIT500/-Make an screenshot of
Payment made by candidates
(Do Whatsapp 9672294542)
5T-Shirt Design100/-
6Pottery Designing50/-
7Street Dance100/-
9Group Dance200/-
10Fashion Walk500/-


S.No.ActivitiesTimeEvent Venue
1Fotographica9:00 AM OnwardsLab (Ground Floor)
2Rangoli9:30 AM-10:00 AMQuadrangle
3Mehandi9:30 AM-10:30 AMClass Room T-8
4Treasure Hunt9:30 AM-10:30 AMAuditorium
5LAN Gaming10:30 AM -11:30 AMLab (Basement)
6Face Painting10:30 AM onwardsSeminar Hall
7Quiz10:30 A.M -11:30 AMAuditorium
8Best Out of Waste11:30 AM -01:00 PMClass Room T-8
9Insta Reels12:00 PM – 01:30 PMAuditorium
10Canvas Painting01:00 PM OnwardsClass Room T-8
11Talent Hunt P-1 (Solo Singing & story Telling)01:00 PM – 02:00 PMAuditorium
12SKIT01:00 PM – 02:00 PMStage
13Rap Battle03:00 PM OnwardsStage
14DJ War04:00 PM OnwardsStage


Launching of 3rd edition of Bizdom National Level Business Quiz Competition

Bizdom has been designed as an innovative, interactive competition to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas packaged in exciting questions. Learning through business quizzing is fun and goes beyond the traditional bounds of management training.

The Bizdom covers areas like general management, marketing, advertising, HRM, finance and capital markets, business events, and personalities in the news.


  1. To feel stimulated and inspired to accelerate learning curves.
  2. To hone skills in lateral thinking, teamwork, and decision-making under pressure.

In the past two editions of Bizdom (B-Quiz) more than 3000 contestants have registered & participated, who were from 250+ colleges & 100+ corporates across the nation.

In 3rd Edition, online quiz will surprise the contestants with its unique patterns of question. Winners will be awarded with the cash prizes and E-Certificates.

BIZDOM – Registration Detail

1. To Participate in this Quiz, one has to register themselves on or before Wednesday 25th May, 2022
2. You can Compete in Quiz only with your registered Email-ID, if there is any Difference Between Registered Email-ID and Quiz Email-ID then you will be disqualified from the same.
3. All the Registered Participants will get the Quiz Link just after successfully Submitting this Form and will also be sent on Registered Email-ID and WhatsApp Number.

BIZDOM – The Business Quiz – Rules & Regulations

1. Quiz contains Questions related to Corporate & Business World.
2. Quiz would begin at 11:30 AM Sharp & will end at sharp 12:00 Noon on Sunday 29th May, 2022
3. Quiz time is maximum 30 Minutes, So do not forget to submit your answers within 30 Minutes.
4. Cash Prize Winners will be Decided on the basis of – “Maximum Correct Answers in Least Time”
5. Cash Prize Winners will be Contacted for Age Verification and Prize Money Transfer.
6. In case of Time and Score Clash among Cash Prize winners then decision taken by Competent Authorities of University will be final.
7.University’s decision is final and binding in relation to all matters relating to Competition and may not be subject to any discussions or correspondence.
8. Cash Prize winners’ names may be published on University’s social media platforms and/or on the University website.

Registered Participants will get their E-Certificate within 14 Days from Quiz Date on their registered Email-ID.

Kalavithi – An Exhibition by Apex School of Fashion & Design

Apex School of Fashion & Design, Apex University, Jaipur is participating in an exhibition  to be held in “Sudarshan Art Gallery’” at Jawahar Kala Kendra from 13th May 2022 to 15th May 2022. The name of the Stall of Apex School of Fashion & Design for exhibition is “Kalavithi”. The  exhibition is to be inaugurated by Mr. Shiv Kumar Kedre, Assistan Director, Ministry of Textile, Government of India, and Dr. Santosh Kumar Dhanopia, an expert  in Hand Block Print textiles.

The Fashion Design Students will flaunt their artistic skills by presenting a handmade collection of paintings that would include different types of painting Like Texture art, Tile Painting, block print painting, Mirror painting, Mandalas, etc. A brief description of these various tenets of handmade painting is as follows:

Kalavithi Exhibition

The exhibition will showcase artworks by contemporary artists with the aim of understanding current trends in the art world. At the exhibition, one can have glimpses of handmade artwork, sketching, painting, paper art, texture art, tile painting, block printing and painting, mirror painting, mandala art, etc. 

The Fashion Design Students will flaunt their artistic skills by presenting a handmade collection of paintings that would include different types of painting Like Texture art, Tile Painting, block print painting, Mirror painting, Mandalas, etc. A brief description of these various tenets of handmade painting is as follows:

Kalavithi Exhibition

Texture art 

Texture refers to how something feels, including its appearance and consistency.

Texture Arts are the arts that have texture in them. In three-dimensional artwork, the term refers to how the piece feels when it’s touched. In paintings and other two-dimensional artwork, texture invokes the visual ‘feeling’ the piece gives off, for example, the texture would be wood, sandpaper, canvas, rocks, glass, granite, metal, etc. Even the brush strokes used in a painting can create a textured surface that can be felt and seen.

Tile painting 

Tile painting is as the name suggests, a painting is done on a tile (mostly ceramic or stone). Tile paintings can be used on their own as stand-alone pieces (framed or unframed) or can be used to highlight any piece of house to make it look more attractive. However, instead of spending your time and money replacing discolored tiles, try painting them to achieve a fresh look on a tight budget. And you can transform a room completely by just adding these pieces of art.

Block Printing & Painting 

Known to have started in China during the 7th century, the ancient art of block printing has been carried to the modern-day and is used to create repeatable patterns, layers, and overlays and to replicate the same style of the image across multiple art materials and surfaces.

Mirror Painting 

In this art, Painting is done on the mirror using a different type of colors that are specially used for painting on a mirror.

Mandala arts 

Mandala art is a Sanskrit word for “magic circle”. People believed that Mandalas represent different aspects of the universe and are used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer most noticeably in China, Japan, and Tibet. Mandala art is very popular like other famous paintings in history.