Choosing Artificial Intelligence as an Undergraduate Course

Artificial Intelligence or AI as we know it, is gradually becoming a crucial part of any industry ranging from health care to defense to retail etc. And everyone is getting increasingly familiar with it, which makes it an excellent career choice. There are several reasons to study Artificial Intelligence, let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Vast Future Scope –

Becoming a key part of any industry, Artificial Intelligence is about to become one of the biggest industries in the coming future. It is believed that Artificial Intelligence could replace humans in the future but, it will rather create more employment in the market in every sector.

2. A Requirement of the Future –

As Discussed in the previous point, Artificial Intelligence is expected to create a plethora of employment opportunities in the future but the jobs that will be created will require a working knowledge of Artificial
Intelligence. The standards of those jobs will be set high, and the knowledge of AI will be the basic requirement. Taking this into account, choosing Artificial Intelligence as an Undergraduate Course seems
to be an excellent choice, given its demand in the future.

3. Great Paygrade –

The demand for Artificial Intelligence Engineers to remarkably high these days and it is increasing rapidly. Therefore, companies tend to offer handsome salaries to these engineers. The average entry-level salary offered to a graduate is 8 lakhs per annum which goes up to 50 lakhs per annum as the person gains experience.

4. Brand New Curriculum –

Unlike many other courses which still use the same old and conventional curriculum, Artificial Intelligence has a newly designed curriculum which is updated every time a new discovery is made in the field of artificial intelligence to tutor the student every bit of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The curriculum consists of both theoretical and practical aspects which are crucial for a student to get the most out of it.

5. Allows you to work Internationally.

Many giant Multi-National Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc. Hire professionals from all over the world to support their Artificial intelligence systems like Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant etc. Companies that work on such a big scale also offer great packages and employee services. Infact, many people dream of working in such companies, handling such great AIs.

6. Incredibly useful to start your own business in the field of AI –

Considering the coverage of Artificial Intelligence in the industry, it can be a great field to start a new business. Startups have an incredible future scope in this field. There are already some companies in the market which supply Artificial Intelligence services in healthcare, customer relations etc. The revenues generated by these companies are also through the skies. In conclusion, based on the points discussed above and the other benefits of studying Artificial Intelligence, it is safe to say that choosing Artificial Intelligence as an Undergraduate Course could be proven as an exceptional choice given the future benefits offered by it, Undergraduate course in the field will create a great base for future studies, offering great packages even just after graduation.

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