• APEX UNIVERSITY Welcomes 2022

    WELCOME 2022!!! Ohh!! It’s time for new year celebrations. New year is just round the corner and so is our new year party planning. Last two years have taught us one important thing: life doesn’t go according to one’s plans. It’s very unpredictable. To make sense, we all have received a reality check on what […]

  • Celebrating Makar Sankranti – The Festival of Kites

    “KAI PO CHE” WITH A TWIST “ Til Gud ghya anni goad goad bola”, “ kai po che”. Surely the hint is obvious now. Yes! The 1st festival of the year. Makar Sankranti or Sankrat or uttrayan are the very popular names of our very own festival of Kite Flying. It’s celebrated on 14th JAN. Sankranti is not only famous for its […]

  • National Level Inter College Fest @ Apex University

    1._ About Event: SPHOORTI – 2022 Sphoorti is an annual sports fest aims to create and develop a sporting culture across the colleges. It is a very passion for sport that drives every one at Sphoorti to make the dream of a professionally run sporting league at university level. Be also aim to give our […]