Why BCA Course is Gaining Popularity?

Let’s look at it this way, as a plant grows, it requires more water right? Well, the world of IT is the plant and BCA acts as water. There is no denial that the IT industry has grown multiple times in past few years. So much that it needs a strong and sound base to function properly. Although, Artificial Intelligence is spreading its roots within the industry, it still require an enormous amount of human brain to function more efficiently. This is where BCA comes it. It provides the foundation which is very crucial for a person, stepping into to IT world.

Bachelor’s in Computer Applications is a 3 years full-time degree that provides the students the basic knowledge and skills required for the IT Industry. As the industry started flourishing in the last few years, so did the demand for BCA courses. Let’s see why.

  1. Amazing Future Scope –

Today, we can se an ocean of new start-ups flooding the market. All of them require IT support in one way or the other right? That requires IT professionals who are all initially trained with BCA courses. And now only start-ups but basically any institution, whether government owned or private require IT professionals. Even Indian Navy is dependent on IT. You can get a job in any sector ranging from healthcare to defence to real-estate  and even Astronomy.

  1. Great Curriculum Design –

The course builds an amazing foundation for a students which allows them to choose any specific field in the future. Unlike many such bachelor’s degrees, the curriculum design of the BCA courses are more industry oriented and are more closely related to the real world practices. Such sound and defined syllabus makes the students ready for any situation in the field and also makes them capable to cater every need and demand of the market.

  1. Affordable Course –

There is myth that has been running in India for quite some time now. According to it, a parent must give up most of his fortune in order to pass his child through college, if one fails to do so, the child might not get a good job or a job at all. Well, BCA Course has single handedly proven this wrong. The course is quite affordable which makes it accessible to mostly everyone. Also, the salaries offer to good IT professionals are so good that the investment made on the studies can be paid off in no time.

  1. Great for International Exposure –

Companies like Wipro and Infosys are giant Multi National Companies which offer international packages to the employees at very attractive salaries. And even International Companies hire talent from abroad.

  1. Further Studies –

A wide range of higher study options are availability for BCA degree holders. Even, they can pursue their further studies in the field of management as well for example MBA. This gives them best of both worlds and might driver some amazing jobs their way leading to a lavish and fun life. The internship opportunities in this field are also great which are usually followed by a job offer.

Summing up, if you possess an interest in the field, you should definitely pursue this course and get your dream job and make your future secure.

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